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  Tung An Development offers PVA products for critical cleaning processes in the rigid disk and LCD panel industries. We designs and manufactures a PVA products to meet the customers needs of each unique application. We provide critical contamination control and precision cut products for these industries has enable to remove process contaminations from rigid disk and disk media. Tung an Development also would like to support customer for PVA products development for further needs.

 We  have four type products that is nodular brush(NB Type), nodular sponge(NS Type), flat sponge(FS Type) and mini roller(MR Type) for rigid disk, HD media and LCD panel industries.


 Tung An Development manufactures all products was based on the standard of contamination control ,critical clean and physical performance. We also has set the standard in the use of test method to ensure the quality and cleanliness. we perform ICP-Master, chromatography, liquid particle count testing to verify and ensure that the cleanliness conform to our quality specification. All test result was approval by independent thirty-party certification organization(SGS).


High performance & cleanliness

Stable lifespan

Each lot Traceability

Sterilized with H2O2

Packaged in Class 100 clean room


 Rigid disk manufacturer

    HD media manufacturer

    Glass substrate manufacturer

    LCD panel


 We would like to offer customer service as below,

   Process Troubleshooting & Products Optimization

   Products Compatibilities with New Chemistries

   Interpretation & Analysis of Performance Data

   Material Characterization & Failure Analysis  

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